Cutting edge technology solutions, innovation
and distributed delivery models

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We provide cutting edge technology solutions, innovation, and distributed delivery models that empower customers to run their businesses efficiently, enhance and improve their operations and dynamically shift directions as their business needs change. We understand what's important to our customer and their business. Then we develop the best, right-sized solutions that fit our customer business.

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Our Services

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Software development & Enhancements


Testing & Validation



Factory / Industrial Automation

We provide solutions by adding value to the leading manufacturers in the chosen areas of Process Automation.

Building Automation

Robust and efficient building automation is directly impacting productivity
in today's industry.


Eliga combines its comprehensive understanding of the automotive industry with its ability to leverage its global technology.

Consumer Electronics

We provide electronic and software product design consultancy and contract development services to clients.

Office Automation

Development /testing of drivers, middleware, interfaces for equipments,
printers used
in office automation.

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