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At Eliga we use procedures for software development that help clients see measurable progress on their projects. The 'advanced methodology' that we follow in our software development life cycle offers the following benefits:-

  • Clear Feedback Loop At Each Stage Of The Software Development Life Cycle
  • Proactive Identification of Key Test Criteria at Various Stages of Design to Ensure Compliance
  • Implementation of "Factory or Assembly Line Concepts" to Enable Benefits of Lower Cost and Higher Efficiency

Importance of the Comprehensive design

We understand the importance of comprehensive design and testing in ensuring project success Therefore, as part of the advanced Methodology, the principal stages in our approach for executing any project are :

  • System Study, Analysis and Planning
  • Design & Test Plans
  • Code construction and Integration
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing & System Testing
  • Acceptance testing (at customer site)

Comprehensive design

As a fit in to the 'Advanced Methodology', We recommend and widely adopt a distributed project management methodology called the Global Delivery Model. The model divides projects into intelligent work pieces that are executed independently and simultaneously at our Global Development Centers (GDC) at different locations. Part of the project could be executed at the customer site and part at any other center among the various development centers located in India .


Project management

The team has developed proven project management techniques to Plan, Deploy and Review (PDR) projects with review as a feedback to the planning activity. The techniques used in controlling risks and capturing opportunities are backed by years of experience in high-level management teams. The company's consistent success in delivering focused, productive solutions with tangible results has the confidence of an impressive list of clients.

Steps adopted to ensure an error-free project management process

  • Specifications, deliverables, responsibilities, milestones and realistic schedules are identified.
  • Development / Conversion / Porting/ Support methodology is frozen and approved.
  • The presence of monitoring processes and check/review points are ensured to prevent time and cost overruns.
  • Clear communication with the client is ensured and periodic updates on the status of the projects are made
  • Integration Testing & System Testing
  • Corrective measures, wherever necessary, are made well in time.
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