Building Automation

Robust and efficient building automation is directly impacting productivity in today's industry. With IT enabling of buildings in terms of security systems, operations, etc., the building automation industry is taking a giant stride towards the cost-benefit. Standardization of methods by which systems exchange information and the decrease in costs for hardware and software used to support these types of operations have generated an interest in communication between systems within facilities.
Eliga is backed by a hardcore experience in integrating software with several major components within building systems. Our success stems from the significant levels of inter-operation that we have been able to engineer. Our exposure to developing full-fledged building automation software integrating various control devices, has been extensive and complete.

Building Automation Software

Eliga, has acquired domain experience and expertise in Building Automation and is equipped with the following strengths and capabilities:

  • Good expertise on various RTOSs like QNX, VxWorks, pSOS, WinCE, Linux etc.
  • In-depth experience on tools and technologies such as C/C++/ VC++, MFC, COM, DCOM & ActiveX.
  • Eliga can provide value added services to Building Automation product and system manufacturers and developers. Some of these services include
  • Customized software development and MMI development
  • Protocol Development and conversions for various open / proprietary protocols. MODBUS, OPC, Profibus, Device Net
  • Device drivers for interfaces with proprietary/third party equipments
  • OPC servers/Clients.
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