Consumer Electronics

We provide electronic and software product design consultancy and contract development services to clients who produce a wide variety of technology solutions including wireless voice and data communications, embedded internet, wireless internet, security and access products, two way digital message paging, wireless voice management systems, airport, bus and train station messaging solutions, fire systems and bespoke system interfacing.

Embedded solutions in consumer electronics space:

  • Design and development of h/w and s/w for diverse consumer devices including data and home networking products, audio-video systems, streaming applications, digital home gateways and set-top boxes.
  • Development of integrated vehicle telematics for emergency services, automatic vehicle location, fleet and centralized traffic management.
  • Build navigation systems and user interfaces for DVD players, digital cameras and PDAs
  • CODEC technology for content providers to deliver compressed streaming audio and video to consumers using any bit rate or connection type, and for manufacturers to build products with superior audio and video quality
  • File transfer software for transferring real video data
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