Factory / Industrial Automation

We provide solutions by adding value to the leading manufacturers in the chosen areas of Process Automation, Home Appliances, Handheld Devices and CTI Solutions. The group is masterminded by a core team drawing its domain knowledge and expertise from years of experience with globally reputed industries.

Focus :

Eliga has experience in building software for Factory Automation, Building Automation and Process Automation. In the field of Process Automation, the focus is primarily on automation in the Manufacturing Sector, Power Sector and Oil and Gas Industries. We have geared up to compensate the rising complexity in the requirements we face, through inner simplicity and a consistent system.

Eliga is a member of professional institutions like OPC foundations. Eliga has been gaining and sharing knowledge by joining technical working groups, writing sample code, reviewing ongoing specification development, and generally contributing to the future of interoperability in automation.

Enabling device management for different standards

  • Enabling connectivity within the devices based on latest Fieldbus technologies
  • Embedded solutions for making the devices intelligent
  • Remote management of the devices using latest Internet technologies

Enabling device support on Industrial Networks

  • Industrial Drivers based on Fieldbus & OPC technologies
  • Industrial solutions based on DeviceNet, CAN, Ethernet, LONWorks

Factors that set us apart:

  • Special focus on Industrial & Process Automation
  • Experienced professionals to handle projects
  • Years of experience and industry knowledge in engineering, software programming, installation and commissioning of Distributed Control Systems, HMI Process Solutions and Instruments.
  • Quick understanding of customer requirements that lead to time and cost efficiencies
  • Good mix of Hardware and Software experience in Embedded Solutions
  • Good track record of projects executed for large customers
  • Good blend of CTI domain
  • Eliga is a strong OPC partner

Eliga is not only a traditional software services company but can undertake technology consulting as well as become a product realization center. Eliga is present at all points of value chain of the software services industry.

We have good customer references in automation space, embedded area and communication arena. Our strong delivery team and our domain expertise have enabled us to offer a wide range of services to our customers, starting from conceptualization, to the end-user implementation.

Coupled with the traditional industrial automation areas, Eliga's presence in to the new generation technologies such as Automotive and Consumer Electronics software has positioned Eliga to uniquely cater to the high growth of non-IT related software as well.

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